Pakistan: Will a corrupt judiciary, corrupt civil politcians and a rotten system will give justice to a 16 years old girl raped by strong PML-Q leaders?

Former President of National Students Federation

Former President of National Students Federation


I am writing to express my deep concern regarding the inaction by
Saddar police regarding the gang rape of a 16-year-old girl. I am
horrified to hear that officers are instead supporting an illegal out
of court settlement with those accused.

According to Miss Ruby Perveen, she was kidnapped at gunpoint and gang
raped by five men, some of whom had been following and taunting her
for a number of days. Three of the men – Mr. Qiaser Shahzad, Mr.
Adeel Shahzad and Mr. Irshad (known as Shada) – are the sons of a
powerful landlord, who leads the local PML-Q, a political party. Her
father claims that he alerted emergency services but could not get
police assistance. The next day Ruby was found semi conscious at a bus
stand in Shumali (North) Sargodha.

I understand that Ruby’s mother Ramzan Bibi was not able to get help
from the Saddar police until she asked for the help of an assembly
member, and registered FIR 615/09. Yet no arrests were made and the
family later discovered that some of the accused men had applied for
and been granted interim bail from Mr. Samar Hyat Gondal, the
Additional Session Judge in Sargodha on 22 October. This appears to
have been granted with little consideration for the victim and I have
been told that the FIR was not presented to the judge, who simply
accepted the accused men’s promise that an out of court settlement was
being arranged. One perpetrator, Qaiser Shahzad, did not consider it
necessary to apply for such bail, and no attempts have been made to
arrest him.

Officers involved have claimed that a settlement is being arranged but
Ruby’s family have reported that they do not want to settle and have
not been given that option. Such a settlement would be clearly illegal
under Pakistan law. I am shocked that it is being entertained.

Furthermore, the medical checkup for the victim was not automatically
ordered, as the law requires. The family pursued the check up and DNA
test themselves, which was authorised by Dr Usman Anwer, the district
police officer (DPO) in Sargodha. Yet though a DNA test should also be
carried out on the accused, the suspects have not been tested and
police have told that such a test is not necessary due to the
upcoming settlement.

As you must be aware, immeasurable damage is done to the rule of law
and the complaints procedure when monetary settlement becomes an
acceptable response to crime, and when victims can be pressured and
threatened into settling cases. As the rape of a minor, this crime
should also have warranted extra care, responsibility and a sense of
particular urgency from the judge and the local police, none of whom
appear to have acted in accordance with the Convention on the Rights
of the Child, ratified by Pakistan in 1990.

Finally I hear that journalists have complained that they have been
pressured into withdrawing negative coverage of the case by PML-Q
members, which is a matter that deserves serious attention.

I urge that this case be taken swiftly through the appropriate legal
channels and that protection and redress is provided for the young
rape victim and her family. The first clear step would be to arrest
those who she has accused of her rape, regardless of the political
power they may wield. Please also ensure that the negligent officers
in this case be thoroughly investigated and disciplined or charged

I urge Chief Justice of Pakistan to take a strict action against the Bench Officers who have made law a joke for the litigants and yet have kept the the justice hostage in the hnads of the powerful people.

I also wanted to urge to the Prime Minister and the Mr. Rehman Malik, But I feel that their is no need of it as they have much more things to do other than the actual issues being born by the people.

I wanted t urge my appeal to the Chief Minister Punjab, but whe I see that the victims of Patoki Case are at large under their protection, probably they also won’t have much time for a gang raped child.

So I urge the people opf Pakistan toi undestand these so called civil political leaders, who can not see beyon the tip of their nose. I urge the people of Pakistan to uite against these exploiting classes and le them know that we the people are the real power who can bring justice to this system.


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