Communist Party of Pakistan criticizes visit of Hillary Clinton to Pakistan

National Studets Federation

Communist Party of Pakistan

The press statement on the subject “CPP criticizes visit of Hillary Clinton to Pakistan.” as issued by the Central Secretariat of the Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) for the information of public and press is as under:-

Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) has planned for a warm welcome to the former first lady and US Foreign Minister Hillary on her first visit to Pakistan by hoisting black flags as a token of protest but could not do so, as all the roads and cities where she is visiting are being closed.

Hillary visit here could not achieve anything in positive direction. Neither she can pacify and decrease the hatred feelings of Pakistani nation about America nor can her visit save the defeat of America and NATO forces in Afghanistan in the coming times.

All the problems which our nation is facing today are due to American policies in Pakistan. America is enemy of Muslims and Communists, whereas, we communists, wherever, they are, are not the enemies of Muslims. The Communists believes in class struggle and are fighting for Socialist system only.

These views are expressed in a policy statement by Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik, the Chairman of CPP, here today.

In the opinion of CPP, all the terrorism in our motherland is the outcome of the policies of America and our Government since the existence of Pakistan till date; is supporting and party to the aggression of America.

Engineer Jameel stressed that our Government and Pak Army has not learnt any lesson from history and both are committing severe mistakes again and again.

The first blunder, which they committed under the direction of America, was, when our Government, Pak Army, ISI and MI promoted the philosophy of Jihad and supported Al-Queda and Taliban with all moderns and sophisticated weapons for fighting against the pro-communist regime of Afghanistan and the Communists of Russia.

But surprisingly, when these Al-Queda and Taliban are fighting against the aggression of America and NATO forces, they are now termed as a terrorist, which while fighting with the Communists were given the name of Mujahideen, which means freedom fighter.

If they were Mujahideen while fighting with the Communists of Afghanistan than how suddenly they now become terrorists while fighting against the American, who itself is the biggest known terrorist in the known history of world.

If the philosophy of Jihad against Communists were right in Afghanistan than how that philosophy of Jihad now converted into terrorism, when the same Al-Queda and Taliban are fighting for the liberation of their mother land from the clutches of American Imperialism and its NATO troops in Afghanistan.

The CPP Chairman stressed and said that in the hidden agenda, America is enemy of Muslims and Communists whereas the Communists and Communist countries are not the enemies of the Muslim Umahh.

The Communist Russia given us Steel Mill free of cost and Communist China has installed and aided a numerous projects on free aid without imposing any restrictions as was done by US in Kerry-Lugar Bill.

America is killing two birds with one stone. On one hand, she is using our Government and Pak Army and pushing them into war with their own citizens and on the other hand using them to influence its impact on the ongoing liberation war of Afghani people in Afghanistan and surprisingly this our Government and Pak Army are both doing on a very pretty price under the Kerry-Lugar Bill, which, of course is a regrettable and sad affairs on the part of our ruling elite and army.

Our Parliament unanimously passed the resolution against Drone attacks in Tribal belt but the American Imperialism and Hillary don’t cares the sanctity of our Parliament and by Drone attacks; they have killed a numerous innocent citizens of Pakistan. If this is not aggression what else is the aggression then?

The notorious Blackwater and the American bases are operating openly in Pakistan with the permission of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Government but surprisingly the Marxist Group led by Dr. Lal and Manzoor Chaudhry, who are working under the official name of Mazdoor Jeddojahd Tabqati on its Interism policy in ruling PPP are silent till date on these sensitive issues, which, otherwise are against the integrity and sovereignty of our motherland.

All the evils and problems which we are facing as a nation are the direct outcome of the policies of American Imperialism and as our all rulers till dates were and are the watch dog of American policies and so our Party don’t expect from the present Government that they will give a cold shoulder and shift its policies from the America.

The only way left for us is that we as a nation has to come out openly on streets and roads and has to protest against the aggression of American Imperialism for leaving Pakistan, otherwise, the America will not leave our motherland, these are the concluding remarks by the Chairman of CPP.


(Press Media of CPP)


8 Responses to “Communist Party of Pakistan criticizes visit of Hillary Clinton to Pakistan”

  1. Bishop Ijaz Inayat Says:

    I feel guilty reading all this.
    We have failed miserable to emerge as a “Nation” in the last 63 years and still not willing to learn about our responsibilities.
    Stealing taxes, electricity, our own honor and that of other also, not working without commissions or extra money and what not.
    Until today we dont have any solid policy on any National agenda.
    Do you think we can compete with a Nation which is working day and night on their issues.
    I personally feel you are right, but we as a Nation have lost the right of criticism since long.
    The struggle for awareness must however continue.
    Bless you all. I love my Pakistan still and will continue with hope.

  2. yadu Says:

    communist parties all over the world are considered against organised religions. competition among organised religions to get the meximum chunk of believers in their type, thus draw power and money from them and florish.
    Does Pakistani communists consider Talibaan and Al kaida ‘Patriotic’??that surely is anti people.

  3. aambia Says:

    The Communist Party of Pakistan has a very clear view about Taliban, Al Qaida and other Reiligous Extremist groups. We are against Bombing on Pakistani and Afghani people, without any distinction of Religious Extremist or American Empirealism.
    Farooq Tariq has cearly mentioned that Taliban and all religous groups are created by the American Empire. No doubt that Pakistani Generals were a part and parcel of this great conspiracy against the people.
    The issue is that Americans want their athority on all the natural Resources as they did in both Worls Wars. But they have never been sucessfull. I quote an exsample of Vietnam. Hawai is not an American state, but just an American Colony. But they lanched a war agains Vietnam, making it an excuse.
    The core of the issue is that Vietnam won. BUT WHAT HAPPENED TO CAMBODIA? India and pakistan must forget Kashmir and think of Cambodia. I admit that both are Neuclear powers. But does it make any difference? We need to come closer. South Asia must be ONE power on economic and political basis. If we want to conbat the terrorism.

    In Europe I have seen several times that a terrorist plan in neitherlands, but caught in France. On Mumbai attacks that was all a “Topi Drama” that both the countries will combat the terrorists in a joint action. But did anything happen? We started blaming India and India did the same. In Sri Lanka they control Tamils and they Tamil Chief starts living in Malyasia!
    If there can be a European Union, we also can come togeher. But for that we have to finish the religious enimities and to finish the religious enimity, we need to pu an end to American interference in our region.

    Yesterday, I pleaded in Washington Post an Indian case about the demonstration by over ten thousand men and womenaffected by the Indira Sagar and Omkareshwar dams on the 28 October 2009 in Khandwa and you know I keep doing this.
    The same way, I expect Indian writers to supports us against Kerry Lugar Bills, American Drone attacks etc. They have guns, bombs and tanks. Bu we the same history, culture and the same pen that Ghalib had. We can fight them out together, Yadu Bhai.

  4. yadu Says:

    My solution for the somewhat grim situation is be strong economicly, for that emotional (izzat ka sawaal) issues like “occupation of muslim lands”you know what I mean, should get less priorities than Industry and employment and progressive education for janta of pakistan.

    Very very difficult, almost impossible in the environs of hate mongers.

  5. yadu Says:

    I dont why but people like me and you are considered less patriotic , stupid seudo seculars and perhaps traitors.But I really dont care.

  6. Mahar Safdar Ali Says:

    Dear Friends
    Please provide sincere leadership to the marginlised if you want to resolute the situation,
    unite against injustice,illietracy,discremination and poverty,
    peace in the region demands immideatly cut in the defence budjet by both Pakistan and india , assure the security of the citizens from fundamentalism and fanatics.

  7. Mahar Safdar Ali Says:

    Need to work with the marginalised to empower them are we
    ready to do some positive work for future ,if yes let take lead
    and get organised on any one platfarm available in the area we
    are living . or friends can share some good suggestion.

  8. aambia Says:

    @ Mahar Safdar Ali:
    Safdar Bhai I appreciate all your toughts and adding to the one that we need to provide a sincere leadership, a question arises in my mind.
    Is it possible to produce sincere leadership which came into existance on Two Nations Theory, remained under direct and indirect martial laws though out its life, where there have been a ban for decades on students unions, trade unions. A state which by constition is an Islamic Republic.
    In such a state from which class do you think,, can we produce a sincere leadership?

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